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Nurses Care for Haitian Children  -
 Our History 
        After the devastation in Haiti, five registered nurses, who are all natives and reside in Massachusetts, provided their medical expertise and skills to those in need in collaboration with Partners In Health. Michelle Alexis-Telfort was one of these nurses and to further her contribution to the help effort, her family decided to repair and donate their home in Port-au- Prince to serve as an orphanage. This orphanage originally housed only four small girls. Currently, however, the orphanage attends to 20 young children whose ages range from one to fifteen years of age. There are five adult staff members that help these children daily, including one nurse and a physician. Each child is provided with three meals a day and the girls are also enrolled in a local school. There are many more children who are on the waiting list to be admitted to the orphanage and we are working towards expanding our available space to satisfy this need. 
                     About Us

         Nurses Care For Haitian Children is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. We represent a team of medical professionals, mostly working to empower vulnerable, abandoned, and disadvantaged children in Haiti by nurturing each child physically, spiritually, and emotionally in order to provide them with a brighter future and safe environment free from danger. We believe that it is both a privilege and a responsibility for every individual to assist in the progression of these childrens’ lives through education and empowerment in order for them to make a greater difference for tomorrow.
      The organization is based and operates in the United States, but all funds and resources are primarily for the orphanage in Haiti. We provide various medical services, such as physical examinations and immunizations to ensure optimal health for each child. We plan to give the best education possible, so each child has the opportunity to become contributing members of society and leaders of the next generation. We motivate and empower each child to embrace their uniqueness, talents, learning styles, and positive attributes in order for them to feel confident about themselves. We provide highly-qualified staff and teachers who are committed in working within each child's comfort zone to ensure a comfortable environment and positive educational results.

Nurses Care For Haitian Children Orphanage
30 Ruelle Jude
Marien 36
La Plaine Haiti, WI
Donations Sent To:
80 Solitude Drive
Taunton MA, 02780
Phone: 774-218-1228
Held 3rd Tuesday of every month from 6-8 pm
Massachusetts Nurses Association
340 Turnpike Street Canton, MA 02021
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