Nurses Care for Haitian Children - Board Members
Nurses Care for Haitian Children  -
Board Members

Founder/Vice President
Michelle Alexis-Telfort is a registered nurse who took the lead in the development of Nurses Care For Haitian Children. She is a native from Saint Louis Deu Nord, Haiti . She emigrated into the United States at the age of 18 in 1980. She started her nursing career in 1988 after obtaining degree as a Licensed Practical Nurse from Lyndsey Hopkins Technical Center in Miami, FL. In 1990, she moved to Boston to continue to enrich her knowledge in the medical field.  In 1995, she received an associate degree in nursing at Quincy College. She currently is employed by Boston Medical Center for 13 years. She works on the Cardiac step down Unit.  She continues to increase her skills by obtaining various certifications such as Basic Life Support, ACLS, and IV certification.
The biggest challenge that she faces is that her heart is bigger than her funds. She has always been devoted and passionate about helping people in need, especially in her native land. After the devastating earthquake in Haiti, she made it a point to join Partners In Health in order to provide medical assistance to her Haitian people. She was heart-broken at the sight of  abandoned, abused, and malnourished children and quickly realized she needed to make a impact and  huge difference in these children’s lives. On November 24, 2010, a few other nurses and herself decided to establish an orphanage in Haiti where the children can receive love, affection, security and basic necessities. Her family and her donated their home to the orphans in order to provide a quick shelter for these children. She and a few other medical professionals continue to operate Nurses Care For Haitian Children in Boston, MA. She wants this organization to flourish and hoping to accept 100 children in the future. In a few years, her dream is to retire in Haiti, and continue opening doors for Haitian people by developing a school and clinic for their community.
 Liz Sandblom 
 Lincoln Aubyn Davis
Finanicial Secretary
Mac-Clen K.S. Pierre 

Sabina Bien-Aime, RN 
Medical Coordinator in Haiti
Billy Ysac, M.D born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He received his medical degree from Royal University in Haiti (Faculty of Medicine). Previous experience as a  local coordinator of the Reproductive Health Project for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA); health trainer, for the Association pour la Santé et l’Education des Femmes (ASEF), and Psychosocial Support Coordinator for  Colectiva mujeres y salud, a Dominican NGO  (for Haiti earthquake victims). Currently, an assistant professor at the Université Nationale d’administration et de Santé(UNAS).

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